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Welcome August/ 2010 Newsletter

From: Pam Dean Cable
Executive Director

Welcome to the August issue of the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation's Newsletter... your one source for all information on Blossom II ~ Art of Flowers and anything SKB.
This issue we are highlighting our previous Best of Show Winner, Stacy Barter.  Stacy has generously shared her experience with us.  What does it feel like standing in the crowd of the museum at the premiere knowing the winners are soon to be announced?  What emotions and thoughts occur as the lead judge slowly builds the excitement and starts to describe the Best of Show image?  Standing at the podium accepting the applause and congratulations - someone hands you a HUGE replica of a check for $25,000.  How do you get the words out to convey how you are feeling?  What has life been like since the competition?  You'll enjoy reading Stacy's experience, and remember- it could be you standing at the podium hearing the applause, seeing the flash of cameras, and as Stacy so succinctly put it - having an out-of-body experience!
With less than two months to go before the deadline that clock just keeps on ticking.  Early entry discount of $10 on the first entry expires Aug 31, 2010.  Deadline for the competition is Sep 30, 2010. 

Have you finished you Painting Yet?

SThere's great flower subjects all around us right now. So create a masterpiece and enter it today!
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SKB Artist Workshop & Conference

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Actually... we are sorry you didn't sign up in time. But we're very excited to be hosting a full-house in Dubois, WY with over 100 registered participants.  However... if you are wanting to come... please put your name on our "STANDBY LIST". First come first served! That way if someone can't make it and has to cancel... you still might make it!  
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Sometimes our paintings have very special meanings!

Stacy Barter, Best of Show winner in the first Blossom ~ Art of Flowers competition, did a wonderful painting of peonies. But as so often happens, our best artwork can be inspired from other than artistic interests. Read Stacy's heartfelt letter about the inspirations that led to her award-winning entry in our first exhibition. 
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